“Tim has been invaluable to the Virtuous team. He has the uncanny ability to quickly absorb information from a wide variety of sources and then write compelling copy that reveals the most important aspects of the project he's working on. He's been able to clearly articulate the culture and vision of Virtuous across a wide variety of copy and creative assignments.”

– Gabe Cooper, CEO of Virtuous


“Tim is one of the most thoughtful and gifted communicators I know. He listens, researches, and considers the broad landscape of any given topic before settling on the most clear means of getting the message out. On a macro level, he has helped to clarify our organization’s communications strategy. And on a micro level, he has helped us to share our stories and engage our audience in very meaningful ways.”

– Bill Cummings, CO-FOUNDER of Lemonade International


“Tim is great. He handles my publicity, blogging, and branding. He advises me on business ventures, speaks on my behalf, and knows how to handle himself in every situation. A lot of what I do off the field happens because of Tim. He has a specific set of skills that are hard to come by, so I am very grateful to have him on my team.”



"Tim is one of those freelance writers you dream about working with. He is nails on the details and deadlines, takes direction well, and yet still knows where he has room to be creative. I always enjoy collaborating with him as he consistently makes the projects I trust him with better."


"Tim is a professional whom I enthusiastically trust to craft communication on behalf of our organization. He brings a keen mind to every project and a heart for service. His work is high quality and well aimed to reach our audiences."

– Eileen O'Gorman, Communication Director at Serge

"Tim has worn many hats while helping direct 1MISSION's marketing efforts and has gone above and beyond expectations. He gets what we are trying to do and understands the story that needs to be told. Don't hire him, because I need more of his time for myself!"

– Jason Schneider Law, Founder and CEO of 1MISSION


"for the last several years, Tim has been an extension of our team, helping us manage our brand and producing all of our written content. He delivers top-notch quality and is always on time. He’s also a phenomenal person to work with – professional, fun, thoughtful, and hard-working."

– Kyle Frazey, Principal at Marketplace One